A Thesis in Finance


Doctoral students may of course choose a career in the finance industry. However, in this section we will only present academic career prospects. Former M2 104  students have become professors in French Universities (Dauphine – several of the current professors were students of this M2 , Toulouse, Strasbourg, Grenoble...), Management Schools (Insead, Hec, Essec, Escp-Eap, ...) and foreign Universities (Georges Washington University, Duke, Boston, Zurich, IHEC Tunis, Bath....).


In France, a doctor in finance can become an Assistant Professor at a University or a Business  school. There are also many interesting career opportunities in foreign universities.


Becoming an Assistant Professor

Assistant Professors have a dual role fo teacher and researcher: they s pend half of their time teaching (192 hours in tutorials annually, or 128 teaching hours) and the other half is dedicated to research. They become tenured civil servants after an internship period. Find out more.


Applicants must adhere to specific deadlines.

  • First stage: enroll on the French national qualification list (usually in December )
  • Second stage: once qualified, the candidate may apply for various positions that are published by Universities, either via a synchronized campaign (published in February), or as the positions arise on the  Galaxie website, which is the central website for the qualification of candidates and recruitment. A selection committee considers the applications and preselects certain candidates (generally in May). Normally, in June the applicants will be informed whether or not their application has been successful.

Here is an example of the qualification application deadlines 



Becoming an Assistant Professor in a Business  School

Certain French Business  Schools (and also Universities like PSL Paris Dauphine ) recruit via the international job market (see below). Others have their own recruitment procedures and it is best to check their websites directly.


Becoming an Assistant Professor in a Foreign University

This means recruitment via the international job market. This is done in two steps:

  • Universities preselect a number of candidates based on the quality of their application. These students are then called for interview during two major finance conferences. The FMA (Financial Management Association) is the first one at the end of October and the second one, AFA (American Finance Association), is at the beginning of January.
  • After the interviews, the Universities then narrow down their selection, and invite candidates to hold a seminar (between January and March). They will then make an offer to the successful candidates. The salaries offered by the most prestigious universities are very attractive (in excess of $200 000 per annum). Candidates are offered a six-year contract, after which they may gain tenure as an Associate Professor. Publication criteria for tenured Professors are extremely demanding in the most reputable research Universities.


Alexander Butler and Timothy Falcon Crack offer a guide for candidates (called Rookies in academic jargon)
The Academic Job Market in Finance: A Rookie's Guide

and an updated version


During the 2014 Job Market campaign, two former M2 104 students (who graduated in 2010), Paul Karehnke and Olivier Dessaint were recruited as Assistant Professors in highly reputable universities: Paul in Sydney (UNSW), and Olivier in Toronto (Rotman School of Management).