Academic Career


Students who wish to pursue a career in research after completing their Master’s thesis, can continue on a doctoral program at Dauphine or another university.


A PhD  thesis at Paris-Dauphine University


Choose a PhD  thesis director  

The best decision is often to choose the Professor for your Master’s thesis who is likely to go on to become your doctoral thesis director. This way, the Professor knows your abilities and how to work with you.


How to finance your PhD thesis 

Several financial support schemes exist to help students depending on whether the doctorate is done at university, within a firm, with a research organization or abroad.


This is a 3-year contract offered by the university with which the student does their PhD. This period may be solely dedicated to research for the doctorate or in some cases, one sixth of the time may include teaching tasks, scientific projects and investigation assignments.


The aim of these agreements is to promote public-private research partnerships. Doctoral students are employed by a research institute or a private company during their doctorate. A firm recruits a candidate either on a temporary or permanent contract at Masters’  level. The candidate is given a research assignment which is strategic for the firm’s socio-economic development. The minimum gross annual salary is €29,000.  The assignment will be the thesis topic of the employed doctoral student. The academic research laboratory supervises and directs the employed-PhD student’s research, who is enrolled as a doctoral student with the laboratory (decree of 7 August 2006 concerning doctoral studies).

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs’ Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program awards grants to foreign students of outstanding ability. Foreign students may apply to this prestigious program via the French university in which they are studying. The winning candidates are selected by a jury from a wide range of distinguished applicants.


The PhD programme in Finance at Dauphine 

Once students enrol as doctoral students, they become part of Dauphine’s Doctoral College (Management program), which groups together the University’s scientific management skills, within Dauphine Management Research (DRM), a Joint Research Unit in partnership with the CNRS (UMR CNRS).

In the first year of the doctoral program (D1) fundamental courses represent 60  hours in taught time are specifically designed to research in finance and involve econometrics, economics, asset pricing, corporate finance, .. 

During the second year (D2), the PhD student must choose a research seminar which is linked to the thesis topic, either at Dauphine in one of the existing research masters, or in another university or institution.
The third year (D3) (and more often the fourth year) is dedicated to writing the thesis.

The thesis directors organize supervision seminars together with PhD students. At least once every 6 months, each PhD student presents an update on progress of their research, before two professors from their research center (one of whom is their thesis director). In addition, doctoral students are continuously supported by resource personnel (in econometrics, data analysis, scales, qualitative methods).

The thesis is written in the form of articles (most frequently three articles). Throughout their thesis, doctoral students participate in international conferences to present their articles.

International exchanges during the thesis

We highly recommend (but do not oblige) doctoral students to spend a semester abroad. They can spend a semester at Georgia State University, in the finance department. See the doctoral program for more details.

They can also apply to be a visiting scholar to the doctoral program of Stern Business School in New York, and if their application is successful, they will receive financial support for this project.

Finally, Tilburg University, whose Finance department is one of the best in Europe offers a joint thesis program with Paris-Dauphine. Master’s students wishing to do a joint thesis with Tilburg will be able to spend the second semester of their Master in Tilburg which will help them chose the thesis co-director.


And for those interested in a PhD in USA

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